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History Page is for old photos Scand in.              Last updated 07/02/2013 09:01:18 AM

I have started a project to scan in all of the old family albums and photos. I have acquired the help of a young talented photographer named Jennie  Over  the summer she has been scanning cropping and editing photos from the old albums and transferring them to digital format. This project is going to take some time... And $$$ so check back often as I believe we have over 10,000 old photo's and slides in total. If you have old Schneider Photos you would like to share pls email me and I will send instructions for uploading. vistasign@hotmail.com

Sam Schneider

PS Their is no Logical order in the albums same as our family.....

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Album01 Album 1
Album02 Album02
Album03 Album03
Album04 Album04
Album05 - 30 Years Misgav Dov Album05 30 Years Misgav Dov
Album06 Album06
Album07 Album07
Album8 Album08
Album09 Album09
Album10 Album10
Album11 Album11
Album12 Album12
Album13 Album13
Album14 Album14
Album-Mix Album-Mix
Album-More Album-More
Naomi +
Some B&W photos 1973-1980  
Joey Medill Hall of Fame  

Below was updated JAN-19-2011

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Misc2 Misc2
Misc3 Misc3
Misc4 Misc4
Misc5 Misc5
Misc6 Misc6
Misc7 Misc7
Misc8 Misc8
Misc9 Misc9
Misc10 Misc10
Misc11 Misc11
Misc12 Misc12
Misc13 Misc13
Misc14 Misc14
Misc15 Misc15
Misc16 Misc16
Misc17 Misc17
Misc18 Misc18
Misc19 Misc19
Misc20 Misc20
Misc21 Misc21
Misc22 Misc22
Misc23 Misc23
Misc24 Misc24
Misc25 Misc25
Misc26 Misc26
Misc27 Misc27
Misc28 Misc28
Misc29 Misc29
Misc30 Misc30
Misc31 Misc31
Misc32 Misc32
Misc33 Misc33
Misc34 Misc34
Misc35 Misc35
Misc36 Misc36
Misc37 Misc37
Misc38 Misc38