The woman I admire most is versatile and strong.  She is able to deal with all of lifeís ups and downs without faltering. She has survived hardships with will and determination.

The woman I admire most is loyal.  She treats her friends like family and her family like friends.  She is neither a gossiper nor a complainer.

She has a way of simply accepting people, as they are, never dwelling on their shortcomings.   Her zest for life is exciting.  She likes nothing better than a good party or playing games with her grandkids.  Just say the word and sheís up and ready for the next adventure.

I admire her vitality as I admire her patience.  Iím trying to be like her.  She is my role model.  Iíve got a long way to go but sheís always there to remind me of my goal.

This peppy red head is 30 years my senior yet she is in many ways younger, stronger and wiser.

This woman I admire most, just for being her inimitable self, is my mother, Leona, and Iím so proud to be her daughter.



Motherís Day 2003